xrOS wordmark registered by Apple ahead of AR/VR headset

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Apple is rumored to introduce its first mixed reality headset next month. And while we’ve heard a lot about this new device, some details remain unclear – like its name and what operating system it will run. After registering the “xrOS” trademark earlier this year, Apple has now registered a wordmark with the same name – which suggests that the new platform will be called “xrOS.”


As noted by Parker Ortolani, the New Zealand Intellectual Property Office confirmed the registration of the wordmark “xrOS” earlier this month. The application was submitted by a shell company of Apple. The same company had already registered the “xrOS” trademark in New Zealand in January.

Since Apple is all about secrecy, it has a few shell companies that it uses to register trademarks and patents for unreleased products – so that they aren’t tied directly to Apple in case of leaks.

But a wordmark (unlike a simple trademark) has its marketing stylization. In this case, the wordmark “xrOS” found in the New Zealand registries uses the San Francisco typeface created by Apple. It aligns with the logo of Apple’s other operating systems, such as iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

Last year, Apple did something similar but with the trademark and wordmark “realityOS.” Internally, Apple had been considering both “realityOS” and “xrOS” names for its new mixed reality platform that will run on the headset and other upcoming AR/VR products.

Bloomberg reported that Apple has settled on “xrOS” as the platform name for its new headset. The name would be a reference to “extended reality,” which makes sense when considering the whole idea of integration between AR and VR. The company has also registered trademarks such as “Reality One,” “Reality Pro,” and “Reality Processor.”

New 'xrOS' wordmark registered by Apple ahead of AR/VR headset announcement

Apple Reality Pro

According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, Apple is set to announce the Apple Reality Pro on June 5, the first day of WWDC 2023. The headset will offer an immersive experience with multiple sensors and high-definition displays. It will also feature high-resolution cameras to let users interact with the real world in augmented reality.

However, due to its complexity, the availability of the headset will be quite low, and the product is not expected to hit stores before the holiday season. Apple Reality Pro is also expected to cost $3,000 in its first version.

WSJ also says Apple is planning a wide array of sessions for developers at WWDC that will be “devoted to development of the software for the new headset.”

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