Woman fined £400 for fly-tipping after picking up rubbish strewn on street by foxes

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A children’s magician has been fined £400 for fly-tipping after clearing up rubbish strewn on the street by foxes.

Olivia Post had painstakingly gathered up food waste and mess scattered outside her flat in Battle, West Sussex, last month after foxes tore open several adjacent bin bags.

The entertainer had dutifully deposited the rubbish in a nearby council-bin using one of her household bin bags.

Shortly afterwards, an official from Rother District Council approached Ms Post at her home and issued an on the spot fixed penalty notice, claiming she had broken environmental laws.

It emerged that foxes had once again ripped open the rubbish, with council officials later rifling through the rubbish to find her address and accuse her of fly-tipping.

Despite explaining the circumstances, she was told the small council bin outside her home could only be used for “litter” and not domestic waste.

‘I was flabbergasted’

Before issuing the £400 fine, the official from Net National Enforcement Solution (NES), a private company outsourced by the council, allegedly read Ms Post “her rights” in the same manner as a police officer.

NES’ website says “there are no formal grounds of appeal against a Fixed Penalty Notice” because the fine is an invitation for the complainant  to ”effectively buy off” their liability to prosecution.

Ms Post said: “He (the official) had his camera on and, just like the police, he read me my rights. I was flabbergasted. I said ‘this isn’t even my rubbish apart from the stuff at the bottom’.

“I recounted what I’d done, said I’d gone out and picked all this litter up, which was pretty vile litter, and put it in the bin.

“And he said “Well, it’s not in the bin now.”

“And I said well no, because it’s been pulled out of the bin and ripped open, which is completely illustrating my point that this is what keeps happening… “It’s really upsetting, I hate litter, I find it really distressing.

“I’m really unhappy about fly tipping and you can see that by virtue of the fact I am out there cleaning up. I can’t believe it. Where do you go from here? I actually like the council, I think we have a lot of people doing a lot of good work.”

A Rother District Council spokesman said they will now reimburse Ms Post for the cost of the penalty notice as “a gesture of goodwill.”

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