What to expect from the redesigned, faster iPhone 15 in 2023

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Leaks have revealed plenty of details about the iPhone 15 series already, even though the next iOS handsets are not expected for months. And these can’t be brushed off because so many early reports about previous Apple handsets have proved surprisingly accurate.

This year will allegedly bring a new design, USB-C and the Dynamic Island for everyone.

It’s worth paying attention to iPhone 15 leaks now

The next Apple handsets aren’t going to launch until autumn but leaks many months early about previous models proved quite accurate. As just one example, a leaked image six months before the launch accurately showed the screen notch was going away on the two iPhone 14 Pro models, and that a 6.1-inch non-Pro handset would replace the iPhone 13 mini.

And even though they are unconfirmed, early rumors can be very useful. Those with an aging iPhone have a guide when deciding if they want to to buy a current iPhone 14 or wait until this autumn for the next model.

When we’re expecting for the iPhone 15

The iPhone 15 will supposedly included curved edges and a USB-C port.
Image: Antonio De Rosa/ADR Studio

Apple has used the same basic iPhone chassis design for three years, and the company’s previous practices indicate it’s time for a change. A tipster says we can expect rounded edges in place of the current square ones. But no images or CAD drawings showing the exact changes have emerged yet.

Whatever the design details, analysts point to there being four models in the same sizes as the 2022 versions. That means two basic versions with a 6.1- or 6.7-inch screen, and two Pro versions with the same screen size options.

Talk of an “iPhone Ultra” indicates this new model, if real, won’t be out before 2024.

These will be the first iPhones with USB-C rather than a Lightning port. That will be the beginning of the end for the Lightning connector, as all Apple devices, from Mac to iPad to iPhone and their accessories go to USB-C.

Other changes might include greater support for reverse wireless charging and Wi-Fi 6E.

Some features are just for the Pros

The iPhone Pro models have always offered more features than the cheaper options, but Apple made the differences more stark with the iPhone 14 series. But leaks indicate that one of the most obvious differences of the 2022 models will go away in 2023: all four upcoming handsets are expected to feature the Dynamic Island, not just the Pro models.

That said, there will be other differences. The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will supposedly be powered by an Apple A17 made with a cutting-edge 3nm process, but the other two will use the same A16 from the iPhone 14 Pro series.

Leaks point to the Pro Max featuring a periscope lens that bends incoming light before it reaches the sensor. The change enables a stronger telephoto leans without increasing the size of the handset’s camera hump.

And the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max might be more durable and waterproof because they’ll use solid-state buttons that only seem to move because of a trick performed with haptic feedback.

Apple will supposedly use titanium in at least one of the Pro models.

Even though the launch of the iPhone 15 series is still months away, Apple has almost certainly finalized the design and the products are already in trial production. Full production won’t begin until summer, though. And the launch will likely be in September.

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