What if your iPhone had Lightning and USB-C ports?

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Are two ports better than one?
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Cult of Mac has reported on how Apple will replace iPhone’s Lightning connector with USB-C soon enough — but what if Cupertino decided to go with both ports on future iPhones, like the 15 series?

One engineer appeared to explore the option, modding an iPhone 12 mini by adding a fully functional USB-C port next to the existing Lightning port.

Engineer creates dual-port iPhone with Lightning and USB-C ports

On the heels of engineering consultant Ken Pillonel putting USB-C modded AirPods Pro cases and parts up for sale — that’s the guy who made news in 2021 selling a USB-C iPhone on eBay for big bucks — another engineer has had a go with a different approach.

Rather than replacing the Lightning port, he added a USB-C port to the right of it and did some rewiring. His tests showed his 124,000 subscribers on YouTube that both ports work in the modded handset.

You can watch his whole process, from gouging a new hole to making room for components and wiring it up, in the video below with Chinese-language subtitles.  He called it “iPhone USB-C TwinPort.”

Watch the YouTube video:

More about what Apple will actually do

While it seems unlikely Apple would take a two-port approach with iPhone 15 series and beyond, it’s interesting to see it done. Many folks expect Apple will make the long-awaited switch to USB-C with the iPhone 15 series, saying goodbye to the Lightning port.

The company is expected to make all of its devices USB-C-friendly soon enough in part because EU legislation that comes into effect in December 2024 mandates it.



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