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Take shorter showers – save over £100 per person

Previous research by The Bathroom Showroom suggests that the average person in England is paying 16p extra a day for showers, which amounts to an extra £55 per year for every person that lives in a person’s household.

However, this figure assumes that each person showers for an average length of eight minutes.

Mr Sangera said: “We all like to relax for an extra few minutes in a warm shower on a cold day, but being more efficient could make a massive difference to your household income. Cutting your showering time in half to four minutes can save you more than £100 over the course of a year – that’s almost £500 in savings for a typical family of four.”

Use an eco-shower head – save up to £95

Eco-shower heads use less water than a standard shower. While less wastage is good for the environment, it’s also good for stretched finances.

According to the Energy Savings Trust, replacing a shower head with a water-efficient model could save a four-person household nearly £40 a year on gas for water heating and almost £55 a year on water bills if they have a water meter. This adds up to a total annual saving of around £95.

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