Ventura 13.2 update fails with “Failed to personalize” error

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I’m trying to update a MacBook Pro (M1 Pro) with 13.2. The update is found when I check the “System Settings”. I am 100% certain that the Internet connection is fine and I’ve got a very large amount of free space. Search results on Google suggest checking the Internet connection (which is fairly laughable; the download actually starts and the machine couldn’t have figured out there’s an update available without the Internet connection being alive and well) and also disk space. Neither of those things are issues for me.

I’ve updated the machine before (to 13.1) without incident.

What are things that I can do to figure out why the update fails?

edit — to illustrate that the Internet is clearly working, I’ve been able to update some random applications: Garage Band, Keynote, Numbers, etc. No issues.

Author: Dhanraj7978

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