Two-tone Italian leather Apple Watch band looks classy, fun

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It’s not just supple Italian leather, it’s two eye-catching colors.
Photo: Olpr. leather goods co.

When it comes to watch bands — those made for Apple Watch or otherwise — it doesn’t get more classic than leather. And if it’s supple Italian leather from Tuscany, all the better. And if it costs less than $50, well, that’s pretty much the best.

Right now you can get slender Italian bands for Apple Watch for just $49 in the Cult of Mac Store.

Olpr. leather goods co. Petite Single Italian Leather Apple Watch Bands

A custom leather strap like Olpr’s Petite Single Italian Leather Apple Watch band is a timeless accessory. Leather watch straps don’t go out of style.

This two-toned Italian leather strap — available in five color combinations — can significantly change the look of your Apple Watch and add character to any outfit you might choose to wear. The colors tend toward the fun side, like turquoise, plum and red, with different accent colors.

Note that significant pluses of this particular leather watch strap are its durability and the comfortable fit it provides when you wear it. With regular wear, it doesn’t take long for the material to shape to your wrist to ensure a good fit.

Leather for this watch band is produced in Tuscany. For years, Italian leather has been highly valued in fashion and design due to its beauty, softness and long-lasting strength. Tanned with vegetable solutions and covered with an aniline finish, the leather is supple and works well for everyday wear.


  • Short: 5.1 inches to 6.2 inches (13-16 cm)
  • Regular: 5.7 inches to 7.4 inches (14.5-19 cm)
  • Long: 6.2 inches to 8.25 inches (16-20.5 cm)

Band width:

  • 22mm at clasp, tapers to 16mm

The Italian Leather Band is made in the United States. As Olpr. leather goods points out, handmade leather products are subject to changes in color. Any given band can be lighter or darker than it appears in a photograph, as each hide reacts to the dyeing process differently. In addition, full-grain leather may contain unique blemishes, marks or scars.

Price: $49

Where to buy: Cult of Mac Store

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