Twitter delays new paid API launch by ‘a few more days’

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Twitter continues confusing shift away from free API

Without just hours of advance notice before the deadline, Twitter has delayed its new paid API rollout by a few more days.

The latest delay doesn’t have a date attached, unlike the previous two announcements. First, Twitter announced that the free API would be cut off on February 9 and replaced with an unknown paid plan, then that cut-off was pushed back to February 13 without warning.

The latest delay simply states that the company will be taking “a few more days” to ensure the developer community will have an optimal experience with the new API. It isn’t yet clear what the paid and limited free tiers will look like when they launch, but the current announced rate is a $100 per month API fee.

A limited free access tier to the API is also being introduced, but all that is known is that it enables 1,500 tweets per month from a single authenticated user token. This is a write-only API, so third-party clients will not be coming back, nor will this enable RSS feeds to read Twitter timelines.

Twitter claims the changes will increase quality, reduce spam, and enable a thriving ecosystem. It’s not quite clear how that will be accomplished.

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