terminal – How to copy line in bullet point list without the bullet point?

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My workflow involves lots of lists. I think in lists, I write my notes in lists.

An example note in my apple notes might look like

Here are the commands I need to Run!

  • echo “this is a command”
  • cat /tmp/some_file.txt

And very often I highlight the bullet point line, copy it, and paste it elsewhere. In this example, I would be pasting it in a terminal.

What really frustrates me is that every time I copy the line, the pasted output looks like this:

- echo "this is a command"
- cat /tmp/some_file.txt

The leading hyphen needs to be manually removed each time. It causes a lot of wasted time for me. I wonder if there is a way to copy a line of text in a bullet point without the leading hyphen?

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