State pension: Britons could buy £4,950 for just £824 but they must act before deadline | Personal Finance | Finance

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However, the expert warned there are some “big caveats” when it comes to the top-up scheme.

He explained: “Firstly, you need to make sure you won’t get credited with sufficient NIC in the years up to state pension age by other means, or you could end up paying for NIC you don’t need. 

“The most obvious way this could happen is if you are earning enough to pay NIC and will do so up until state pension age.

“You may also be able to manually apply for NIC credits for those missing years, for example, if you were on statutory sick pay, caring for a family member, on maternity, paternity or adoption pay.”

It is therefore vital for Britons to find out whether they are making the most of their state pension.

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