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Around five million Britons already have more than one job but the cost of living crisis is forcing many more to look into starting a side hustle. Offering a transcription service and typing notes from audio pays up to £36 an hour according to This Morning’s Consumer Editor Alice Beer.

She suggested looking at listing a room on sites like Spareroom or Airbnb and said a room in Norwich could fetch around £600 a month.

Letting someone else stash stuff in one’s garage or loft could mean an extra £500 a month, while renting out the garage or driveway could lead to an extra £200 a month.

Half of British households have a spare room meaning millions of people could benefit from making an extra income by renting it out.

A photographer from Bristol told how he listed his spare room on Airbnb and made twice as much as he would if he was renting it out to a lodger.

Marcus Ahmad, 59, said: “I did think originally I could maybe just get a lodger in but then I started doing the costings.

“I realised that through Airbnb and a bit more effort – ie doing the place up and hosting people – I could actually make double the amount of money I would when renting it.”

Another simple way to make a passive income could be to sign up to Stashbee and list garage space for hire.

The Stashbee website has an online calculator but one example it gives on its website is someone in Birmingham could be banking anywhere from £56 to £164 per month, which works out at nearly £2,000 per year.

Express Money readers have been sharing how they have been making money through sites like TaskRabbit and Airtasker – platforms which Ms Beer also mentioned.

People can offer services including cleaning, home repairs or delivery services with the average hourly rate standing at £28.70 in the UK.

That works out at £58,000 over the course of a year if someone manages to get enough work to add up to typical full-time hours.

One ‘tasker’ is 68-year-old Paul Melhuish who has swapped the engineering trade and is now working 10 hours a week as a handyman to supplement his state pension.

Some of the best side hustles:

  1. Airbnb claims you can earn up to £1,200 a month
  2. Karshare says you can make around £600 a month
  3. JustPark claims renting out the driveway could earn people over £100
  4. Stashbee says letting someone store their stuff in the loft could pay up to £300
  5.  TaskRabbit claims earnings are limitless depending on free time
  6.  TV and film extras have told how they have earned up to £200 a day
  7.  Tour Guides can earn up to £300 a day in London
  8. Homesitting employees can around £20 a day but it’s an easier way of life
  9. Market Research – bloggers have earned up to £50 an hour but the work is few and far between
  10. Skillshare says earnings are limitless depending on free time and skills.

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