Rumored iPhone 15 Pro Design With Thinner Bezels, Thicker Camera Bump and USB-C Port Shown Off in Renders

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Multiple rumors have indicated that there are a handful of design changes that are coming to the iPhone 15 Pro and ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max, and to demonstrate what we might see, Ian Zelbo has created a series of renders that were shared by 9to5Mac.

With the iPhone 15 lineup, a USB-C port will be added to all ‌iPhone 15‌ models in lieu of the Lightning port. Based on the renders, the port won’t look significantly different, but there may be some changes to the speaker holes at the bottom.

The ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ models are expected to have somewhat thinner bezels than than the iPhone 14 Pro models, plus there is a minor change to the curve of the edges. The frame is slightly more curved and the glass curves into the edges, a subtle but noticeable tweak.

iphone 15 pro cad 9to5
Zelbo’s renders suggest that the ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ camera bump will be thicker than the ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ camera bump, with the lenses expected to be thicker as well. The layout is generally the same, and it is worth noting that the ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max is expected to get a unique periscope lens that will not be available on other ‌iPhone 15‌ models.

With rumors that the ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ models will transition to solid state buttons rather than physical buttons for the volume and power controls, we can expect some design changes. The renders do not appear to have the finished buttons included, as they are based on “early CAD drawings” likely sourced from Apple suppliers.

iphone 15 pro back
Overall, the ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ models will look similar to the ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ models based on these renders, but there will be some notable design updates that refine the look of the devices. For more on what to expect from the ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ models, we have a dedicated roundup with all of the rumors.

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