Peer deep into your ears with your iPhone and this earwax-busting tool

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Get a view of your ear canal with this discounted high-tech tool.
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It can be a hassle to prevent earwax buildup and keep your ears clean. As a result, earwax impaction occurs in 57% of older adults and 10% of children, But you don’t have to be stuck blindly going at it with a cotton swab (which experts recommend against, BTW).

Enter the Smart Visual Ear Cleaner. This camera-mounted ear cleaner can give you a clear view of what’s happening in your ear — and a better way to clean up shop in there. You can get this device with a special carrying case for $34.95, or get it without the case for $29.95. 

An HD view inside your ear

With this easy-to-use cleaner, you can stream a 360-degree, wide-angle view of your ear canal to your smartphone. The 1080P HD camera can help guide your hand so you can know exactly where you’re cleaning. The silicone ear spoons are designed to neatly scoop out wax without scratching the delicate inside of your ear.

Soaking a warm compress is another common way of trying to clear out or soften wax for removal. With that in mind, the Smart Visual Ear Cleaner is built with an IPX7 waterproof lens, so you can pair it with any water-based method of earwax removal. Its waterproof lens and LED light mean you can even safely use this innovative earwax cleaner to check out your mouth before a trip to the dentist. Or you can take a look at your nasal cavity, throat or scalp roots.

The 360 mAh battery supports 1.5 hours of continuous use, meaning this device boasts enough battery for 45 days’ worth of daily use. This ear cleaner won’t stop earwax buildup, but it can help you clean more regularly and carefully. Pairing this tool with simple solutions like avoiding in-ear headphones can also help further decrease wax buildup so you don’t have to clean as often.

Make cleaning your ears easy

This ear-cleaning tool earned 4.5 out of 5 stars, with one user writing, “I love the fact I can actually ‘see’ what I’m doing while cleaning my ears. No more Q-tip[s] prodding around and doing who knows what damage to my ears!”

Skip the cotton swabs and get the Smart Visual Ear Cleaner with a storage box for $34.95 (regularly $39.99) or without the box for $29.95 (regularly $34.99).

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