notifications – How to fix “Update Apple ID Settings” bug, when I don’t have an iCloud account?

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My macbook has been upgraded to macOS 13.2 today.

This has not cleared the problem, where I have a persistent notification from System Settings, that wants me to “Update Apple ID Settings”.

I read How to fix the “Update Apple ID Settings” bug in MacOS Catalina []. The “simple” logout & login method doesn’t work, because I don’t have an iCloud account, and I don’t want one. I tried the “complex” method of removing the random UUID folder in ~/Library/Keychains, but it did not work.

In desperation, I tried the “wrong” method from Mac keeps saying update Apple ID settings [].

Someone had given incorrect instructions, and one or two people cleared /Library/Keychains/apsd.keychain, and thought that worked. I tried this, but it did not work.


I do not want this permanent red dot on System Settings, showing an unresolved issue. I want a red dot on System settings when there is a security update, so that I do not miss it. When there is not a security update, or another important issue, I do not want a red dot on System Settings.

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