Next steps for checking and securing a Mac from Malware?

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A website I manage through another hosting company was infected with "descriptionscripts" malware, which has since been cleaned.

However, I had to browse the site itself during that time and now have concerns over my Mac’s security. I was seeing a weird "blue bar" in Google Chrome on various sites, reinstalled and that fixed it, but I’m not sure if that was a generic graphics bug or related to the malware situation.

I also checked the JS that the malware was loading through Hybrid Analysis and the report came back as ambiguous.

I’m considering running Etrecheck but hear mixed reviews, such as the comments on VirusTotal.

For similar reasons, I’m not interested in malwarebytes or cleanmymac.

Ultimately, is there another way I can verify my Mac is clean? And is there hard evidence that Etrecheck is safe to use and easy to uninstall afterward? Thanks in advance. For reference, I’m running the latest OS and Chrome versions.

Author: Dhanraj7978

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