network – M1 MacBook Pro has problems with holding an internet connection after Ventura upgrade

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My M1 MacBook Pro has been working great with my home network — until I upgraded to Ventura. Now, it seems to connect every 15-30 seconds, disconnects, and then reconnects to the network.

ISP: Comcast
Modem: Netgear CM600
Router: Orbi RBR50

Other devices on my network have no problem. I called Comcast and they reset the modem and couldn’t find any other problems with it at their end. The wifi signal stays strong, so I don’t think that’s what’s failing. I’m not using a VPN.

I’ve tried restarting wifi, changing the DNS, renewing the DHCP lease, rebooting, reinstalling Ventura, and connecting to a different network (at the library).

I called Apple support and they had no other suggestions. I thought I’d reset the SMC or PRAM, but I now know the M1 Macs no longer have those.

I’m out of ideas.

Author: Dhanraj7978

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