ms office – MacOS – Excel – Copy / paste causes spinning beachball

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I’m looking for suggestions as to the cause / solution to a spinning beachball every time I try and copy/paste in Excel.
This happens more on some spreadsheets, but is happening in one I use frequently which is only 700kb. I am using Office 365, and my MBP is 2018 (2.6 GHz i7, 32GB RAM), running Catalina. It does however seem independent of device, as I recreated it on my partners MacBook Air (2011, 2.0GHz i7, 8GB RAM) running High Sierra. The desired file is stored locally but mirrored in iCloud).

I am aware that was a problem in Office 2011 for Mac, but my online search hasn’t found posts with this problem recently. I have tried an older suggested workaround of copy/pasting a blank cell in a blank spreadsheet before opening the desired file as suggested at Excel 2011 copy and paste beachball hang freeze issue

I have also tested with desired file mirrored on a different cloud, and also just saved locally without any cloud mirroring, – all have similar problems.

Thanks @pion for the specific detailed advice to capture what my system is doing when it happens. This is available at

Thanks in anticipation

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