memory – Activity Monitor’s Process Name connection to each software

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I have Activity Monitor open to check how much memory is being used, and the main part I usually check is the bottom where it mentions how many GBs have been used. However, with the ability to stop it, I would now like to know what each Process Name is connected to and how it would affect it.

Some of them are easy to tell, such as one’s with the Process Name being called “Google Chrome” which would have me come to the conclusion that if I stop it while I have it running, it will exit out of it. In other cases, however, it is very difficult to see what it is linked to and whether it would affect anything I have open at the moment. I have previously done one after some research: It was toward Core Sync for Adobe Creative Cloud, but without the research or Creative Cloud icon I would not have known what it would have affected.

Is there a solution for how to find what each one of these Process Names is sourced with without having to do research for every one of them?

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