macos – How do I troubleshoot why my MacBook Pro lost internet access even when connected to WiFi?

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I’ve noticed over the last few months that every few days, my M1 Pro MacBook Pro loses internet access even when successfully connected to a WiFi network. For example, earlier today I couldn’t access the internet on my browser. I went to my WiFI settings and saw the following:

In iStat Menus, however, it seems like there is some minimal WiFi network usage (however, I can’t confirm if this is internet usage):

enter image description here

When I try the ping command in the Terminal, it seems to error out:

enter image description here

The only way to get connected to the internet again is by rebooting my MacBook, which is often a hassle.

Note that although I’ve connected to a network used by many people, this also happens with my personal router.

Is there any good way to troubleshoot exactly why my MacBook Pro regularly and seemingly randomly loses connection to the internet so that I can find the root cause of the issue? I don’t think macOS has an “internet troubleshooter” like Windows does.

Author: Dhanraj7978

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