macos – How do I force Starbucks captive portal and device registration?

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Starbucks started this new thing where if you use their Wi-Fi you have to each time approve or deny if advertisers can track you.

But they have a shady UX where it is nested and each time when “signing in” the button to approve advertiser tracking is easily auto-accepted. And each time I go through the extra steps to deny tracking.

Well, I’ve attempted to reject advertiser tracking today but couldn’t. The captive portal came up, but the advertiser consent form froze and connected me to the Internet regardless. Which shouldn’t have happened.

And I cannot get the captive portal to come back up. So no I want to see how I can get Starbucks to forget my device.

Note: the Starbucks Wi-Fi auto-saves “something” in their system so that for X period of time it recognizes your hardware device and only prompts the captive portal and not a new registration.

Here’s the problem I don’t know what is being saved so I can reset my registration.

Again, Starbucks does three things in order for you to use their WiFi:

  1. Device registration – a form appears on X cadence, for example, every 30 days you have to complete a form before getting access to WiFI. The form asks for the following: name, email address, and ZIP code

  2. It asks you to consent to their terms – This screen happens for every new session. Not every X days like above.

  3. A new thing in the above consent form, nested is to approve or deny advertiser tracking. Where approve advertiser tracking is auto-clicked.

Problem: The second item above is broken. A new session happens and I am not asked to consent to the terms; it just connects me to the Internet.

I tried this: Go to and it renders “success” which is expected behavior.

So then I have tried the following five things:

  1. Deleted Starbucks from my Preferred Networks
  2. Flush DNS
    sudo dscacheutil -flushcache
    sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder
  3. Turn Wi-Fi on and off
  4. Restart the computer
  5. Change the MAC address; however, after the fact I discovered it is not permanent

And nothing is working. Rather than wait 30 days or however many days, how do I force Starbucks to forget my device?

Does anyone know what device information Starbucks is saving to recognize my computer?

I use VPN every time on their network. Which may reduce the effectiveness of advertiser tracking. But I want to understand what they are doing technology-wise.

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