Macbook Pro A1708 Intel i5 won’t update the firmware and remains in black screen

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I have a 13″ Macbook Pro 2016 non-touchbar with Intel i5 processor on it. The trouble with it that i can’t get its firmware updated from to the latest 499.

laptop was liquid damaged. i replaced the battery and keyboard together. battery was used and came together with keyboard. no other problems seen when it works.

So far this is what i tried
-tried on a identical genuine apple ssd
-disconnected the battery.
-reset nvram
-tried on a 3rd party sabrent ssd
-installed all osxs available for this pc from High Sierra to ventura. All but ventura successfully installs. All finishes installing but goes to black screen at first reboot after the first online update downloaded and installed. It goes to black screen because the online update contains firmware update and the firmware update does not initiate. at this moment i can bring the laptop back alive pressing SHIFT OPTION COMMAND and POWER buttons several times.

maybe the boot rom attempts to update from a very low version to something much greater for it to handle. can anyone send me a firmware update that is not the latest available but something in between 205… and 499…?

thanks in advance

Author: Dhanraj7978

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