keyboard – Create a shortcut for an item on services menu in Vebture

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I installed a translation app that does better translations than Apple’s built-in translator or  It added an option to the global services menu to translate selected text.  Since the item is at the bottom of a long submenu of services, I’d like to make a keyboard shortcut for it.  In a web search, I found lots of pages about shortcuts, but only two that looked helpful:

“Make tech easier” says:

In addition to enabling a certain option, you can also choose to add a
specific keyboard shortcut.  By doing so, you can easily use the
option anywhere in macOS without opening the Services menu.  To do
this, click on “none” next to the option you want to add a shortcut to
and press the desired keys together.

Make use of” says:

To create a shortcut for a service, click on the placeholder text that
reads none next to the service in question. The text should then
change into an Add Shortcut button.  Click on it and then hit the
keyboard shortcut you want to use. That should assign the shortcut to
the corresponding service.

But neither works in Ventura (13.1). How do we do it now? (Or can we?)

Using defaults read, I figured out that I need to change an empty NSKeyEquivalent to NSKeyEquivalent = { default = "$^@T"; en = "$^@T"; }; but from man defaults I can only see how to replace the entire plist for  That seems too risky.  But I located /System/Volumes/Data/Users/(user)/Library/Preferences/ and opened it in Xcode, then found that I don’t know how to add a sub-dictionary with the contents and name shown above.

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