iphone – Two backups from different AppleID’s which were encrypted with two different passwords merged together in one encrypted backup

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After my iphone broke down, I borrowed a friend’s iphone for some time. I have backed up his AppleID using his password on my macbook and restored my latest backup on his iphone. There were two separate backups with our names as iOS files on macbook storage. After I bought a new iphone, I made a backup again on the same macbook. When the backup finished, there were no longer two separate backups – they merged into one with my name on it. The size of that backup matched the size of two backups combined. When restoring, it asks for a password and accepts only mine, the friend’s password appears as incorrect. It restores only my data. Apple support doesn’t know the solution for breaking those backups apart. I’ve tried to use a lot of software which is supposed to extract files from the backup folder, but again, all of these requires password and shows only my data. Is there any chance to restore my friend’s data? Most importantly photos.

Author: Dhanraj7978

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