iphone – In Numbers.app, how can I trigger a response if newly input cell text matches text found anywhere in other sheets?

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In Numbers.app on iOS, is it possible to trigger a response if sheet contains differing data to other sheets in same file? If not able to formulate on iOS, then on a Mac? And will the trigger still show up when viewing same file on iOS?

  • Sheet 1 = contact list from phone A
  • Sheet 2 = contact list from phone B
  • Sheet 3 = message list from phone C
  • Sheet 4 = contact list from phone

contact name for phone 123-456-7890

  • Sheet 1 = contact doesn’t exist
  • Sheet 2 = Jane Doe
  • Sheet 3 = Jane Doe
  • Sheet 4 = Ashley

How can I set a trigger that will alert me to Sheet 4’s cell “Ashley”?

Each sheet contains different

  • number of rows
  • column headers

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