Illustrated’s puzzle pieces tell beautiful stories

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Illustrated is a puzzle game that immerses players in beautiful illustrations and the stories behind them.
Image: BorderLeap

Illustrated is a new puzzle game — literally. Players put together jigsaw puzzle pieces to assemble beautiful illustrations.

Putting puzzles together is a meditative process for many, and the new game embraces that, with each containing a quote or other wisdom. It’s now available on Apple Arcade for iPhone, Mac and more.

Relax with BorderLeap’s Illustrated

Games can be exciting, but others are intended to relax. Spending a few minutes doing a simple task can relieve stress.

Illustrated from developer BorderLeap pairs illustration with a story. Each jigsaw puzzle starts by showing the player an early sketch of the final image and a collection of puzzle pieces. With each piece placed, the illustration is filled in with color.

The words of the story are revealed at the same time, so this is a combination jigsaw puzzle and word game.

The developer promises “hundreds of beautiful illustrations across a wide range of artistic genres by famous artists from around the world.” That includes images from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

In-app purchases aren’t necessary to get additional puzzles. In fact, IAPs are completely banned from Apple’s subscription gaming service, so there are no surprise costs.

Start playing now

Illustrated launched January 13 on Apple Arcade. It’s playable on iPhone, Mac, iPad and Apple TV. Game controllers are an option for any of these platforms.

BorderLeap also created Patterned, a puzzler that seeks to immerse players “in the beauty and joy of seamless, repeating patterns.” It’s available today in Apple’s gaming service.

These are just two of the more than 200 games in Apple Arcade that all come with a single subscription. A family can share a subscription, too.

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