icloud – 2 Computers, multiple email accounts; removing Mail app storage on old laptop

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I have 2 MacBooks: One that is I use, and one that my kids share, but that used to be my old personal one. I have kept my Admin account on that laptop. It’s running out of Storage space, and I noticed that I have 11GB of Mail storage on it. How do I safely remove everything related to Mail on that laptop, including all used storage, without affecting my main laptop? I have:

  • 1 iCloud IMAP account using my iCloud email address that I never use
  • 1 IMAP Google account which is my main personal email address
  • 1 work Google account

I have unchecked the “Enabled” box for each of these in Mail -> Preferences -> Accounts.

If I try to remove the iCloud account by hitting the minus symbol below the list of accounts, it says “The iCloud account personalemail@email.com is shared by other applications on this Mac. You can remove this account in Internet Accounts.”

Ok, fine. So I hit Internet Accounts and there I see iCloud at the top, and the Mail box is not checked for syncing. Same for my Personal and Work accounts; I see both of them in Internet Accounts and neither have the Mail box checked for Syncing. So far so good?

Back to Mail app -> Accounts, if I try to hit the – symbol on my work account (which, remember, is not enabled), I see “The google account workemail@work.com is shared using iCloud Keychain; you can remove it in Internet accounts”. Ok, so back to Internet Accounts, then. If I hit the – symbol on it there, it said “Do you want to remove the Gmail account workemail@work.com from all your computers using iCloud Keychain?”. Well, no, I don’t want to remove it from my current laptop, just from this old one. So I guess if nothing is checked for Syncing for this account in Internet Accounts, then it doesn’t matter, and nothing is downloaded to this laptop, right?

Back to Mail app again. Same thing, if I hit the – symbol on it, I am directed back to Internet Accounts. This time, I get a different message if I hit the – symbol in Internet Accounts. “Do you want to remove the Gmail account personalemail@email.com from all your computers using iCloud Keychain or turn it off on only this Mac?”… I suppose I can hit “Turn Off Account” here?

Thanks for your assistance!

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