How can I permanently cancel the “Sign in with your Apple ID” prompt?

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For the last couple of months my macbook air keeps getting a pop up in the top right corner that says I have to sign in again with my Apple ID or some services will not be available.

But everything works fine and I don’t want to log in. So I hit the x to close the prompt.

The prompt itself is annoying because it covers the clock. What’s also annoying is that upon closing the prompt the System Settings window pops up, on the Apple ID login screen. It also pops up over the window I’m working in already. It is basically a really intrusive vendor who just doesn’t get the hint. Just stop man. Stop. Really.

It’s confusing because I hit the x, why does it think I want to do something about it?

Can I permanently disable the pop up?

If I ever need a service that requires Apple ID I can go log in. But I don’t ever seem to need it.

Author: Dhanraj7978

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