Get 8 gadgets in one with this $21.99 flashlight multitool

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Don’t get us wrong, apps are great. But no matter how much they push the envelope of your iPhone’s technology, there’s only so much they can do for you on a camping trip. That’s when we gadget lovers have to go a little more analog with tools like this nifty 8-in-1 utility flashlight from WonderCube.

While this light is incredibly small, you’ll be surprised how many uses you can find for it, on the trail and off.

An everyday carry flashlight

Even if all this tiny widget did was light up, it would still be impressive. At less than 3 inches long, and with a minimalist design, it fits nicely onto any keychain, backpack or bag. Turn on the standard light, and you’ve got a beam as bright as 800 lumens. (That’s about 30 times brighter than the default flashlight on most smartphones, by the way.)

That’s the highest setting, but with a quick click, you can power down to low or medium mode. You can even set it to strobe to attract the attention of motorists in case of emergencies.

A multitool for all seasons

As powerful as the flashlight is, the design of this device is the real highlight. This multitool is made for almost all situations. You’ll find it is extremely functional for campers, fishermen and artists alike. It comes with a carabiner at the top that you can use to attach it to overhangs. And a fold-out kickstand lets you set it upright and project light right where you want.

Photographers can take advantage of the mounting hole at the bottom and use it for a makeshift studio lamp. The casing is magnetic, too, so you can attach it to car hoods as a mechanic’s light.

The battery lasts for more than 3 hours of continuous lighting, and you can charge it up with any USB-C connection. Not only is it durable and even waterproof, it also packs a bottle opener — just another handy thing your phone can’t do (yet).

This multifunctional flashlight earned an impressive 5 out of 5-star rating. One customer raved: “Lots of clever features — the magnet, the carabiner, etc. It’s light and compact, very convenient. Rechargeable battery is a huge plus.”

Be prepared for any trips, excursions and emergencies with this handy gadget. You can get an 8-in-1 MaxLight mini utility flashlights now for $21.99 (a 26% discount). Or buy a two-pack for just $29.99, and save even more!

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