finder – Sort by comment?

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There may be a more elegant way, but this works:

Open finder, and search for ‘foo’. Once the search starts, click the + on the far right

(the lower one :-):

then, on the dropdown on the left scroll down to ‘other’, and in the popup, scroll to ‘Comment’, and select ‘in Menu’:

Comment in menu

At this point, you can right click your headings, and add the ‘Comment’ field, and sort by it. You can also do searches where Comment [contains, starts with, etc].

In addition to adding the comments column, you can select ‘Raw Query’ and make more complicated searches like:

kMDItemFinderComment=2020-08* && ......

You can save these searches as ‘Smart Folders’, and refer back to them as needed. See this page for more tips.

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