finder – How to make my HP USB flash drive (uses APFS) writable?

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I have this HP USB 32 GB glash drive. When I insert this drive into my Mac via an adapter, I can’t copy any files into this.

This is the info from ‘Disk Utility’:

This is the ‘Get info’ popup:

enter image description here

However I get this error when trying to copy a file:

❯ cp ~/Downloads/INV-000068.pdf /Volumes/HANSOLO/
cp: /Volumes/HANSOLO/INV-000068.pdf: Read-only file system

❯ mkdir -p /Volumes/HANSOLO/hello
mkdir: /Volumes/HANSOLO/hello: Read-only file system

Although the ‘Get Info’ popup says, it is ‘Read & Write’ for my user id, the copy fails with the above error. Also copying via Finder doesn’t work (it shows the disabled mouse icon when dragging a file into this volume and no ‘Paste’ option in the right click menu).

I have already tried a few approaches such as editing /etc/fstab as per How to always mount a usb stick as read/write but it doesn’t have any effect.

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