Final Cut and Logic for macOS updated with support for iPad apps

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Apple this morning released Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad, marking the first time the company’s professional software comes to iPadOS users. Now the company is also rolling out updates to the macOS versions of these apps, which come with new features and support for projects created in the iPad apps.

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What’s new with Final Cut Pro 10.6.6

Final Cut Pro 10.6.6 comes with some new features, including an option to import projects created in Final Cut Pro for iPad. This means that professionals can start editing a video on the iPad and finish it on the Mac. Having this option is not only convenient but extremely important, since Final Cut Pro for iPad lacks some features like advanced color correction tools.

One thing to keep in mind is that the projects aren’t interoperable between the Mac and iPad versions. While you can import a project from the iPad to the Mac, the opposite doesn’t work.

With today’s update, Final Cut Pro for the Mac is also getting other features announced with the iPad version. For instance, the editor now automatically manages the color space of HDR and SDR clips according to project settings. There are also new titles, transactions, and generators, as well as new color presets and Scene Removal Mask for removing the background behind a subject.

Version 10.6.6 also makes it easier to access and change ProRes RAW clip settings, as well as enabling export of 8K HEVC video with hardware acceleration on Apple Silicon Macs.

Logic Pro 10.7.8

Similar to Final Cut Pro, the latest update to Logic Pro for the Mac also adds support for the iPad version. However, Logic Pro has Roundtrip compatibility, which means that users can switch between devices and keep working on the same project without issues. The update also improves the app’s performance and fixes bugs.

Other Apple apps for the Mac have also been updated, such as Motion, Compressor, and iMovie. You can find them on the Mac App Store.

It’s worth noting that while Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad are available through a subscription for $4.99 per month each, the Mac versions still require a one-time purchase and are not included in the iPad subscription.

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