Dragons’ Den pitcher left with nothing now runs market-leading brand turning over £100m | Personal Finance | Finance

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Biotiful has a share of more than 75 percent of the kefir drinks market. The Brand’s RSV (retail sales value) is just under £50million.

Natasha shared three tips that she would give to aspiring entrepreneurs about dealing with rejection.

She said: “I would firstly say that rejection is part of running a business – there is no getting away from it, no matter how strong your concept might be. It is all about what you do with that rejection.”

1 Take the feedback objectively
She explained that as an entrepreneur it can be all too easy to take negative feedback personally and therefore miss the constructive intent. If there is a negative message, look at it and learn from it.

2 Learn from past mistakes
Natasha truly believes that some of the greatest business lessons come from mistakes and misses, rather than from wins.

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