DJI releases new Mini 2 SE drone: price, features, shipping

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The latest addition to the DJI Mini drone series is here! DJI today unveiled the new Mini 2 SE camera drone, bringing several enhancements to flight performance, image transmission, and intelligent features of previous-generation Mini SE aircraft. The photo and video quality, however, have been kept the same, indicating that the new DJI drone aims to woo beginners rather than those looking to upgrade from the sub-$300 Mini SE.

Weighing less than 249g, the Mini 2 SE is an ultraportable drone exempt from regulations in several parts of the world. Its 1/2.3-inch CMOS camera sensor films video at 2.7K and delivers photos at 12MP.

The drone comes with a maximum flight time of 31 minutes and up to 10 km of HD video transmission. Intuitive flight control features include one-tap takeoff and landing, stable hovering, and return to home (RTH), while intelligent shooting modes such as QuickShots and Panorama make creative shooting possible even for novice pilots.

Mini 2 SE is priced at $369 for the basic package. And DJI stresses that it is the perfect balance between ease of use, reliability, and affordability. In comparison, the much more capable Mini 2 is available to buy for $449 right now.

The Mini 2 SE, meanwhile, will start retailing on March 22, 2023.

One of the biggest differences between the Mini 2 and Mini 2 SE is that despite sporting the same camera sensor, the latter’s video filming abilities have been capped at 2.7K. Mini 2, on the other hand, delivers 4K videos.

The difference in the price points, however, begins less prominent when you consider the Fly More Combo of the two drone models. While the Mini 2 SE Fly More Combo is priced at $519, a similar package with extra batteries, propellers, and useful accessories sets you back by $599 when purchasing the Mini 2. So, is that difference enough for anyone to opt for the Mini 2 SE instead of the Mini 2, one of the most popular and successful consumer drones out there? That, we guess, only time will tell.

For a detailed comparison between the Mini 2 SE, Mini 2, and Mini SE, click here.

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