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People who are on a low income or certain benefits could also be eligible to claim through the Council Tax Reduction scheme.

Regarding this scheme, some councils can offer as much as 100 percent discount on council tax bills, while others can marginally reduce it, but how much a person gets depends on their income; the number of children; benefits; residency status; savings; pensions; partner’s income; who lives with them.

For those applying for a discount through the Council Tax Reduction scheme, the rate depends on whether a person qualifies for working age rules or pension age rules. Which rules apply usually depends on whether they’ve reached state pension age.

As each local council run its own Council Tax Support schemes, how a person makes a claim might differ depending on where they live.

However, the first thing a person should do when making a claim is to contact their local council. People can find out what theirs might be by typing their postcode into this Government tool.

The full list of eligibility rules can be found here.

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