Benjamin Mendy cleared of sex attacks but will face retrial

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Benjamin Mendy, the Manchester City footballer, has been acquitted of a string of sex attacks at his mansion, but will face a retrial on two outstanding charges.

A jury at Chester Crown Court was discharged on Friday following a five-month trial, having failed to reach verdicts on one charge of rape and one charge of attempted rape.

The £52 million star had originally been charged with eight counts of rape, one count of attempted rape and one count of sexual assault against seven complainants. 

One of the rape charges was dropped during the course of proceedings and a jury cleared him of all but two charges earlier this week, it can now be reported. 

Mr Mendy will face a retrial in the summer over an allegation of rape, relating to an incident at his home in October 2020, and an allegation of attempted rape, relating to an incident at the same address in October 2018. 

‘Toxic and dangerous situations’

Prosecutors had alleged the 28-year-old was “a danger to women” who used his status and wealth to lure victims into “toxic and dangerous situations” at his £4.7 million property in rural Cheshire. 

But the prosecution case repeatedly hit the buffers over three months of evidence, as it emerged his accusers had misled police and had accounts riddled with inconsistencies.

The first major blow to prosecutors came in September last year, when jurors were told of a private video of one of Mr Mendy’s accusers having “enthusiastic sex” with his co-defendant, Louis Saha Matturie, at a time she would later claim she was actually being raped by Mr Matturie.

The 20-minute mobile phone video was taken by Mr Matturie on August 1 last year, the court heard, a week after both men had allegedly raped the same woman on the same night at the footballer’s mansion.

The prosecution subsequently offered no further evidence against the defendants on the four counts relating to the complainant and they were acquitted on those charges in the middle of the trial.

‘Vile, dirty, disgusting’

Another of the complainants, who alleged she was raped by Mr Mendy at an “after party” in his mansion, admitted in court that she had not told the truth to police about the night of the alleged incident. 

She had initially told police she felt “vile, dirty, disgusting” after allegedly being raped by Mr Mendy and went to bed. 

However, the 23-year-old said during cross-examination that she actually went on to have sex with Jack Grealish, Mr Mendy’s Manchester City teammate, that same night.

A separate complainant, who was 17 when she alleged she was raped by Mr Mendy, was forced to deny in court that she had lied about her own sexual relations with Mr Grealish.

Jurors were told that the woman had called her boyfriend the morning after the alleged attack at Mr Mendy’s mansion and told him about what happened. 

However, Eleanor Laws KC, for the defence, put it to the teenager that she had told lies to her boyfriend during the telephone call.

Ms Laws said: “Did you tell him Jack Grealish was kissing you, grabbing your head when you did not want him to?”

“No. I never said that,” she replied.

Ms Laws continued: “Because that would be a complete lie, if you said that.”

The teenager responded: “Yes. It would be a complete lie if I said that, I have not said anything like that.”

End this ‘absolute hell’

In her closing arguments, Mr Mendy’s barrister urged jurors to end the “absolute hell” he had been facing and acquit him of rape.

Ms Laws said: “His life, as he knew it is over, in football, in the UK – these accusations, he will never escape.

“Look up Ched Evans, men who have been falsely accused, they never escape them”.

“Look up what’s happened since. Please just focus on the evidence and if you are not sure about these counts, please use common sense and bring an end to this absolute hell.”

She called on jurors to have “courage and conviction” when considering their verdicts.

The jury reached their verdicts on the acquittals following 12 days of deliberation.

Louis Saha Matturie, 41, Mr Mendy’s co-accused and alleged ‘fixer’ was found not guilty by the jury of three counts of rape relating to two teenagers.

Jurors also failed to reach verdicts on three counts of rape and three counts of sexual assault against him by five other women.

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