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A Barclays customer was left devastated after falling victim to snatch theft and losing the deposit for his home.

‌Indy Kambo was talking to one of his colleagues on the phone in the middle of the pavement when a guy on a push bike snatched his phone and rode off.

Mr Kambo explained his situation on BBC’s Rip Off Britain in an attempt to warn others to be vigilant when using the phone outside.

Mobile phones are being snatched from victims that are in the wrong place at the wrong time but the reality of this growing crime is far more sinister and costly.

Mr Kambo reported the theft the following day, got his mobile phone provider to block his SIM and was sent a replacement by his insurance.‌

He thought he had taken all the necessary steps to protect himself however this was just the beginning.

Around five weeks later, Indy got a text from his bank confirming that new facial recognition security had been set up on his account, however, he knew this was not him so called the bank to rectify the situation.

He said: “There was a £5,000 fraud activity that occurred on the account.

“I was totally panicked because I didn’t realise how this could have happened. I was confused because £5,000 is a lot of money to be taken out of an account.”

Mr Kambo realised that because he was in the middle of a call when his phone was taken, the thieves were able to access all his financial banking apps, notes, emails etc.

He didn’t think criminals could access all his personal information, but it was possible.

This prompted him to check his Barclays savings account, which led to him discovering he had also taken a huge loss there.

He continued: “£29,539 taken, I couldn’t believe it. I felt like I’d been punched in the stomach. It’s a significant amount of money and that was towards a deposit for a house.

“I’m totally devastated about what has happened and the impact it has had on my life and wellbeing. It’s just shocking and something hard to comprehend.”

Barclays told Rip Off Britain they are reviewing Indy’s case, however, because he didn’t take the necessary steps to tell the bank his phone was stolen straight away, they were unable to provide the blocks to prevent theft.

Indy referred his case to the Financial Ombudsman Service which was found in his favour in April 2023.‌

Detective Superintendent Roch explained it is impossible to know how many victims there are, but he believes the impact is huge.

He said: “It’s not on a massive scale, it’s a crime that exists and we do see it… [but] the potential outcome is devastating for victims.

“Because should a criminal be successful in getting into the phone and then getting into the bank apps they have access to have your whole savings, your whole life, whatever it is that you have stored on that financial app.”

UK Finance urged Britons to treat their passcodes like their payment card pin numbers.

They told Rip Off Britain: “Always use separate passwords for your banking apps and contact your bank immediately if you think you have fallen victim to fraud.”

Rip Off Britain will continue tomorrow on BBC One at 9:15.

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