Artist creates mini Stonehenge from kidney stones

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They will be part of an arts charity’s Outside In’s “Humanity” exhibition.

According to a spokesperson for the charity the sculpture is intended to “demonstrate the frailty of the human condition”.

Outside In was established in 2006 to assist artists facing barriers due to health, disability, social circumstance and isolation.

Over half of the works on show are by artists who have never exhibited with Outside In before and many have not previously exhibited at all.

A spokesman for the charity said on Friday: “Outside In artists have interpreted humanity from a wide variety of perspectives, both personal and global, and include paintings and drawings, sculpture, ceramics, photography, film and performance pieces.”

“Simon, from Lincolnshire, made a replica of the well-known Amesbury, Wilts., attraction from his own kidney stones to demonstrate the frailty of the human condition and the ‘inevitability of our demise’ is reflected in the works of artists Alistair Clayton, Kathryn Moores and Billy Weston with their recurring skull motifs.”

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