Apple Music and Apple TV apps launch for Windows 11

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Apple Music is ready to be downloaded from the Windows Store.
Screenshot: Apple/Microsoft

Windows 11 users can now download preview versions of the Apple Music and Apple TV applications.
In late 2022, Microsoft committed to getting them into the Windows Store this year.

And a new Apple Devices app is a significant move toward phasing out iTunes for Windows.

Get Apple Music and Apple TV for Windows 11 now

Long-time Mac and Windows users might struggle to accept it, but the war between Apple and Microsoft has been over for years. The two tech giants now regularly cooperate with each other.

There’s no better evidence that the debut of Apple Music and Apple TV apps in the Windows Store. They anre still ion the preview phase, but allow PC users to easily access Apple’s streaming audio and video services.

Microsoft pre-announced these in November, at the same time it introduced software that allows the Windows 11 Photos app to access images and videos from iCloud.

Combining iPhone and Windows gets easier

The music and video apps are only the start. A just-launched preview of an Apple Devices application allows users to manage an iPhone from a Windows PC. It can install iOS updates and transfer music, movies and images.

Apple warns that installing this will cause iTunes to no longer open, which makes it clear that the Apple Devices app is about to take the place of iTunes in Windows 11.

iTunes for Mac got the boot in macOS Catalina back in 2019.

All three of these new applications target Windows users with an iPhone. Not everyone with a PC wants an Android, but these people do want their desktop/laptop to work smoothly with their iOS handset.

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