apple id – How do security keys interact with other methods for 2FA and account recovery?

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If security keys are enabled for an Apple ID, are all other forms of two factor authentication and account recovery disabled? The question is prompted this statement:

“If you lose all of your trusted devices and security keys, you could
be locked out of your account permanently.”

(Quoted from “About Security Keys for Apple ID – Apple Support“.)

I’m puzzled because after I enabled security keys for my account, the “Passwords & Security” tab in the Settings app still shows:

  • A trusted phone number.
  • An account recovery contact
  • Recovery Key: on

Will any of these still work if needed? The warning quoted above suggests that they will not, but if this is true, why does the Settings app still show them being active, and why won’t it allow me to remove my trusted phone number?

Author: Dhanraj7978

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