20 of the best part-time jobs for pensioners looking to boost income in retirement | Personal Finance | Finance

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New Retirement claims the 20 best part-time jobs for retirees are:

1. Doing what you’ve always done, just less of it

2. Turning a hobby into a teaching opportunity

3. Becoming a tutor

4. Hitting the golf range and speak to contacts

5. Focusing on passive income

6. Offer consulting or freelance work

7. Gardening

8. Bartending

9. Pet sitting or walking

10. Working in a shop

11. Substitute teaching

12. Book-keeping

13. Becoming a driver

14. Caring for the elderly

15. Trying seasonal work

16. Coaching a team

17. Becoming event staff

18. Getting a job on a cruise ship

19. Working on a campsite or holiday camp

20. Starting your own business.

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